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Merida Airport Lounges

Merida Airport Lounge is located in the Main Terminal.

Whether you’re traveling for work and need a quiet place to get things done or you’re just looking for a comfy spot to relax and unwind before your flight, the lounge at Merida Airport can enhance your pre-flight experience.

Find the ideal lounge at Merida Airport by checking out the details below, which include: amenities, location, hours of operation, entry rules, and more.

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Main Terminal Lounges

Merida Airport features a VIP lounge within the main terminal, providing travelers with a comfortable space and premium amenities to unwind and indulge before their flights.

Merida Airport Lounge

Elemento Lounge

  • Location: Airside – After Security Checks, proceed up the stairs towards the Boarding Area. The lounge is located on the right-hand side across from the Psycho Bunny clothing store.
  • Hours of Operation: 06:00 – 22:30 daily.
  • Services: Complimentary alcoholic drinks (beer and wine only) to three per person, disabled Access, children’s play area, workstations, Wi-Fi, premium food, alcohol, TVs, newspapers/magazines, and a non-smoking environment
  • Access: Priority Access, Lounge Key members.
  • Requirements: Day Pass for $25 per person and children under 5 years are admitted free.
  • Duration of stay: Maximum 3 hours.

Airport Lounges (Main Terminal)

✈️ Lounge:⏰ Hours:📍 Location:
Elemento Lounge06:00 – 22:30 dailyMap